Theme 3: English, maths and tech enhanced learning.

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Engaging the Reluctant Learner. With Emma Bell

English and Maths tutors in FE have been given the ultimate challenge: to turn learners who have been branded as failures into motivated and successful students. What can we do to engage that reluctant learner? How can this engagement help bolster their success?


"You must practice your English." Creating conditions for students to practice their language outside of class. With Nafisah Graham-Brown

This workshop will explore the notion that students don't practice their English enough at home and look at what we can do as tutors to support this practice. Using doctoral research into the social relationships of newly-arrived migrant women and the interactions they have using English in their new lives, digital interventions, activities and tools (such as flipped learning and whatsapp groups) that can be used to encourage development of fluency will be shared in order to better support our students to practice their English.


10 Commandments of social media. With Scott Hayden

Social media is an invaluable tool to connect with industry, a world of opportunities beyond the walls of your class, as well as a fun tool to engage students with their learning. In this session Scott Hayden will share tips, advice and the 10 commandments of social media in the classroom. 


FELTAG: More of a movement than a report. With Bob Harrison

This session will look at the progression of FELTAG and explore the cultural shift towards a digital future for FE.


UKFEchat Live: Talking technology. With Beckie Dunsby

Join digital FE champion Beckie Dunsby for a gathering of tech minds  in a real life UKFEchat. Share what you know, pick up ideas to use in your sessions or methods to manage your workload more effectively. Like our regular Thursday UKFEchats this session is what you want it to be. You can bring a 5 minute presentation, or a resource to share, or just come along for the chat.


UKFEchat Live: Maths. With Julia Smith

The session will be maths, maths, maths and more maths... A focus upon sharing good practice in GCSE resits - what works and what doesn't; talking Functional and Core maths too & generally handing the hankies around and bearing our souls. Hankies will be provided by maths expert Julia Smith.


UKFEchat Live: English. With Gwen Nelson

Come to a real life UKFEchat. This one's all about English,  hosted by  subject specialist, Gwen Nelson.  Bring your own best advice, teaching ideas, and expertise to share with like minded colleagues. This session gives you the opportunity to exchange experience with other colleagues from the sector. Do a short talk, bring a 5 minute presentation or feel free to join the group without uttering a word. The floor is yours.