Julia Smith

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it

A foray into alternative approaches and methods for GCSE resit maths...includes the marigolds of multiplication and a 'money can't buy' mathematical tea towel.

Often to be found sporting The Marigolds of Multiplication, Julia oozes maths and is keen to make a big difference for post-16 learners and their experience. As a Teacher Trainer Julia spends her time roaming around the country, building mathematical toolboxes with teams and introducing them to a range of radically different methods. As an Author with BBC Bitesize, Cambridge University Press and a range of other publishers, Julia also has the ability to spread her influence more widely. Currently rolling out the 5Rs project with the EEF and AOC.

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Emma Bell

Mastery, Maths and FE

Research vs Bandwagon

Emma specialises in motivation, ensuring that students have belief and self-confidence in their abilities. She infects her fellow teachers with that confidence, and shows her students that it’s good to be a geek. She is Lead at  Centre for Maths Excellence (C4ME) at Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education.

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Catherine van Sarloos

Embedding Maths for Everyday Life

Explore simple and creative ways to embed maths in your course and discover the ethos and benefits of your students studying Level 3 Core Maths.

Cat taught maths in schools and colleges since 2006 and most recently was Curriculum Team Leader of Maths in a large FE in Liverpool. She is passionate about increasing the opportunity for students to study Maths post GCSE and now works for MEI as supporting teachers deliver L3 Core Maths.

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Ed Southall

Enhancing your Subject Knowledge in Mathematics

An exploration of some of the key concepts in mathematics ,why they work, and how to teach maths to make it make sense. Asking ‘why’ can often expose a lack of understanding and a reliance upon procedures. Sense making in maths helps students see links between topics and breaks down the myth of mathematics being something you are able or unable to do.

Ed Southall is a teacher trainer in mathematics working for Huddersfield University. Ed has worked in education for 15 years in a variety of roles, including Head of Computing and Mathematics, and working as an Assistant Headteacher. He has also worked abroad in the Middle East as a mathematics education consultant and teacher trainer. Ed is the author of several maths books including the best selling Yes, But Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics, and Geometry Snacks. Ed tweets as

@solvemymaths on Twitter