Kay Sidebottom

I’m a teacher with 15  years experience of further, higher and local government education.  I’m also a political awareness trainer, using Thinking Environments to bring equality to professional spaces. Recently, and alongside my colleague Karol, I’ve been travelling the country, bringing Community Philosophy inquiries to teacher educators and trainee teachers, as they think through the implications of Prevent for themselves.  I’ve also been working with Restorative Practice approaches around behaviour management, at Northern College and in my other teacher education work at Barnsley College down the road.  These pro-social approaches give focus to my contribution to ‘educate out hate’.

In recent years, I have rediscovered the joy of creative writing and I try to share this with students, colleagues and critical friends via the Community of Praxis and work I have done around creative reflexive thinking.  I love Twitter and really enjoy seeing others refresh their praxis through online connection.

I begin a new adventure in 2016 – an interdisciplinary PhD in social justice education.  I’m hoping it will continue to inspire innovation and good thinking in my practice.