How to join in a #UKFECHAT on Twitter

  • Get yourself onto Twitter between 9-10 on a Thursday evening.
  • Type #ukfechat in the search bar and you'll see tweets from people who have joined in the chat.
  • There are usually 5 questions asked throughout the hour by the host.
  • Say hello (if you want to) then reply to comments or questions that interest you.
  • Feel free to ask a question or make a statement.
  • Don't worry about reading every single tweet. Twitter chats move fast with a number of conversations taking place simultaneously. You can always read back through the timeline the next day.
  • Re-tweeting or favouriting posts that you agree with are quick ways of supporting comments and sharing them with your own followers.
  • You might want to tell your followers that you'll be participating in a chat in advance. It's a way of giving advance warning that you may be a bit noisy during that time!
  • Finally and most importantly.... REMEMBER TO PUT #ukfechat SOMEWHERE IN THE TWEET, so your comments will show up in the chat.