How to host a #UKFEchat on Twitter

We  are very welcoming of anyone who has an interest in something FE and skills related and would like to host a Thursday night Twitter chat. We ask that hosts use their personal account rather than anything corporate.

If you'd like to host a Thursday night Twitter chat just follow these simple steps:

  • Give me a shout and let me know. I'm @mrssarahsimons on Twitter or on email.
  • We'll get a date and title of the chat sorted together, so our community can promote it in advance.
  • Before the chat write 5 or 6 questions that you plan to ask the crowd on Twitter, remembering there's only 140 characters to go at!
  • Start each question with the # and a number. For example...
  • Please don't pop additional hashtags or corporate Twitter account addresses into the question, even if you have something completely relevant to share. We'd like to keep the questions as easy to spot as possible.
  • On Thursday evening get yourself on Twitter maybe 10 minutes before the chat starts to remind people of the topic, that it's nearly time and that you're hosting. Remember to use #ukfechat on every tweet.
  • At 9pm tell people that we're starting and ask who's around (it sometimes begins quite slowly... don't worry it always picks up pace).
  • Welcome people who turn up for the chat, some may be a bit nervous and a quick hello makes all the difference.
  • At about 5 past ask your first question. 
  • Ask the rest of your questions about every 10 minutes.
  • If you want to respond to the answers then leap into the chat and get involved. If you want to hang back and just ask the questions you can do that too - you can always type #ukfechat into the search bar and pick up some of the responses later on or the next day.
  • When it's nearly 10pm thank people for getting involved and say goodbye!
  • If you're new to hosting, you will probably feel absolutely exhausted and wonder where the hour disappeared to! Most people do.
  • If have any problems during the chat at any point, tell the group or DM me to help you out.