Gwen Nelson

Gwen is an experienced English teacher and has taught in secondary schools since she was an NQT, firstly in Tamworth, then two challenging inner city schools in Coventry. After a 11 years, she defected from secondary education to FE, to become and A-Level English lecturer teaching A-Level English Language and Literature,A-Level Literature, and GCSE English Language to adult learners in an evening class, you couldn't create a more perfect timetable for an English teacher, could you?

She has been, a frankly addicted, to Twitter (often for CPD, but certainly not always) for the past 4 years, and blogging for some of that time too. This has resulted in attendance and presentations at various teachmeets, some Pedagoo events, volunteering at Research Ed' events since the outset, being a proud contributor to Rachel Jones' teaching compendium, 'Don't Change the Lightbulbs', as well as to The UKFEchat Guide Book 3 and recent creator of the #napchat hashtag for a merry, slightly nutty bunch of teachers who are proud nappers;  which is why she has found herself here, in a mild state of terror, presenting to you today.