Social media links from William Jenkins @EdTech_Stories

There seems to be a healthy level of experimentation with social media being used the classroom at the moment with people like Scott Hayden at Basingstoke (@bcotmedia), Becky Wilkins at Salford City College (@salfordcc) & Shrewsbury College (@ShrewsburyCol) all blazing a trail Salford College even have a cat (@Pendletoncat ) and a goat (@GilbertTheGoat) that Tweet! And, at the moment, the cat even has more followers than my @edtech_stories account!

When doing some research on Education Hash tags and EdChats I came across this presentation by Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) from No Tosh (@NoTosh) – “35 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom” and thought it was worth definitely sharing –

What are Functional Skills & why are they different from Key Skills? by Jayne Stigger @ Fossa 99

Functional skills are practical skills in literacy (English), numeracy (Mathematics) and Information and Communication Technology (spreadsheets, email & presentation) that provide every individual with skills that help them to function independently, effectively and confidently in their life. These skills are essential for further learning, employment since they are basic skills needed for most jobs. So functional skills should be integrated into the curriculum and allow learners to apply these skills in real life. The knowledge within the subject has to be linked with the practical skills, helping them to think creatively. By Jayne Stigger @fossa99

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