#UKFEchat Live Below the Line

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.24.05 Many of us have worked with students living in the most challenging of circumstances. For some, working out how to survive on the very basics is just a normal day. Live Below the Line challenges participants to 'spend no more than £1 a day on food and drink for 5 days and use your experience to change perspectives and behaviours, and to raise money for a cause you believe in'

Members of The UKFEchat community are going to take the £1 a day challenge!

For 5 consecutive days between Sat 16th - Sat 23rd May.

Why not join in? Share your experience and your recipes!

CLICK HERE to join the team.

Raise money

You don't have to ask people to sponsor you if you're not comfortable with that. Just donate the amount you'd normally spend on your own food. We don't even have to donate to the same charity. There are a number of charities who work in partnership with Live Below the Line. All work to fight extreme poverty. When you sign up to join the team, choose your charity.

Keep in touch

During the week, let's chat on Twitter and Facebook to share experiences as well as tips for living on a £1-a-day budget. If you'd like to share how the challenge has changed your own perceptions on poverty, privilege or hunger, as well at those of family and friends, we'd be very happy to publish a blog this site.

Let's keep the chat going.

On Twitter - Use #UKFEchat #LBTL

On Facebook  - Click here to take you to our page...


If you're not sure and want to contact me personally, I'm @MrsSarahSimons on Twitter or by email I'm on  sarah@ukfechat.com