Staying Motivated: The UKFEchat Guide Book 2

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.26.44 Our first book, Getting off to a good start: The UKFEchat Guide, exceeded all expectations in terms of the enthusiasm with which is was received. So it’s time for us to start creating the second book in our series.

The marvellous group of FE people who got together at UKFEchat Manchester, along with videos and digital input from some of the chat gang who couldn’t get there, discussed what theme would be really helpful for the next book, in order to share ideas and good practice with our colleagues across the sector.

After much deliberation, a theme was settled upon. So, our second UKFEchat guide book will be….

Staying Motivated: The UKFEchat Guide

We would be absolutely thrilled if you’d send in a contribution for the book surrounding this theme.

We are looking for essays, advice, anecdotes, top tips, on how ‘staying motivated’ speaks to you in your role. Have a look at the first book available for free on this website, for some inspiration.

Your contribution could be about:

  • What you do to give yourself a swift kick up the backside to keep yourself motivated.
  • How you motivate your students. What helps them stay enthusiastic and on track?
  • How does your team stay united, happy and raring to go?
  • If you manage a team, head a department or lead a college, how do you support your staff to remain on top form all year round?

The piece should be between 500 and 1500 words.

The sooner you can get your contribution to me, the better, but the very strict deadline is December 7th. That gives you nearly 6 weeks. Plenty of time!

Email it to me

All contributions will be published on this very website and 18 pieces which work well together will be published as chapters of Staying Motivated: The UKFEchat Guide.

The pieces that I, as a lecturer, find most useful, are when a very specific topic that relates to the theme is focussed on and explored in detail. For example in ‘Getting off to a good start’, Andrea Cochrane wrote about staying professional in chaotic times, Steven Keevil wrote about first impressions during interviews, and Nicky Hawkins wrote about how she gets her students in Initial Teacher Education off to a good start. This also means that there is less chance of duplication in the content of the contributions.

I genuinely had a better and more productive start to my year by learning from all the insightful authors on the last book, drinking in all their tips and advice on the subject, so I’m hoping to be uber motivated after reading all your no doubt brilliant contributions for the next book.

If you haven’t written before, please don’t be nervous. There were many first time authors on the first book who wrote wonderfully and I work with everyone throughout the editing process, as a second pair of eyes.

Huge thanks go to our sponsors, City & Guilds and The TES for supporting us in the creation of our beautiful UKFEchat books. How exciting is it, that we get a sequel?... VERY EXCITING!

Anyway, if you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

Bye for now and GET WRITING!

Sarah Simons UKFEchat Matron General.

e. t. @MrsSarahSimons