#UKFEchat Meet Up by Nikki Gilbey @gillersn

       Yesterday I had one of my most productive and exciting experiences since working in the FE and Skills sector. I joined 12 others for an afternoon of discussion and planning that I have no doubt will rock the FE world.
      The group comprised of lecturers, middle managers, senior managers, external partners, NUS reps and an awarding body representative who all have the common denominator of passion for the sector, a determination to recognise the outstanding stuff we do, promote the sharing of good practice and have an impact on the sector as a whole both at policy and grass routes levels.
       I will leave the unveiling of the plans to Sarah Simons (of Corrie fame dontchya know?!) but all I will say is watch this space, and when I say this space, I mean http://www.ukfechat.com for upcoming publications, an event to blow all other CPD events out of the water and a portal of wonderment where you will find stories and examples of things that have gone well, and even celebrations of failure.If you are interested in having an involvement in all this and want to know more, please do get in touch – the more the merrier!