UKFEchat London by Jayne Stigger @fossa99

UKFECHAT meet up day dawned bright and early (very early for some) and by plane, train, bus, car, horse drawn carriage and on foot, we made our way to the beautiful St. Barnabus House in Soho. Expectations were high. The first ever Face to Face #UKFECHAT meet up had tantalising hints of things to come and so much to talk about.

Meeting up with Jo Bale at Waterloo, we shared a cab through London to see the others.

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With only twenty tickets available, we had bagged our seats early and weaving through the traffic, spoke of our excitement.

Sarah had three hopes for the day:

  • To share something good
  • To develop a new working relationship
  • To get involved in moving the conversation forward

It was all that, and more.

The energy and determination the meeting produced was incredible. We seemed to be there only 15 minutes or so, before Sarah was warning us we only had 20 minutes left. How could that be; there was so much to talk about, so many more exciting developments than we could have imagined and we’re all looking forward to getting started on them.

We had a fantastic presentation on using Google by @YFouda on the uses on Google inside F.E., inspirational ideas and honest conversation around the table.

Make no mistake; #UKFECHAT is a force to be reckoned with. It is a powerhouse of passionate people, brimming with ideas, and the commitment to carry them out.

Talk is cheap; so many #events on Twitter are just talk, but #UKFECHAT is the real deal. We don’t just chat every Thursday at 9pm. We blog, we take our ideas, we collaborate, we meet up, we start things and we finish them too.

Driven by the amazing @mrssarahsimons, #UKFECHAT is really moving forward on a number of topics that are both central to and essential in maintaining collaborative good practice in F.E.

The marvellous afternoon dwindled into Sunset as we made our way back across London, clutching our Goodie Bags and journeyed home, filled with hope and adrenaline.  We had a fabulous day and can’t wait for the next one in June … don’t miss your chance to get involved.