#ukfechat Research – FE Consultation by William Jenkins @EdTech_Stories

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 20.08.52 I have written a report recently on Technology in FE which will be circulated by OCR soon, but which most #ukfechat’ers have seen already.

The reason that this report was shared with #ukfechat before publishing was because I was taking the advice of my own report, which cites people who have been successful in developing technology products. This advice boiled down to one sentence is 'In order to have a great tech product you need to find ways to collaborate with your users and potential customers.'

I have never worked in a college, but was extremely keen to ensure that the research was consistent with FE experiences, so I sent early drafts to you guys to get your feedback. The input I got from the sector was invaluable and the report is better as a result of this collaboration.

Alternatively if you consider my previous reports, these took a long time to pull together in my own time, and wanted to make sure that the issues and themes discussed were relevant and topical. My 'Twitter in FE Report' was pulled together after the AoC Communications Conference when FE Marketers were saying that SMT “just didn’t get” social media. My other reports were developed in the same way.

As #ukfechat approaches its first birthday we have the opportunity to work together on a research project, which will take some time and commitment from all participants and there is a good chance that this work will be done outside of work time. Therefore let’s make sure we’re working on a research question/hypothesis that is relevant and topical!

As part of our due diligence how about we develop and circulate a survey that is sent out to our respective FE contacts and associations to let them know that we are working on this project and get their input on which areas and topics we could and should be working on?