Being a buttercup by Nikki Gilbey @nikkigilbey

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 15.20.20 The photograph above was taken by a photographer friend of mine who has a special interest in rural and natural photography. She posted it on Facebook and tagged me in it, saying that the single buttercup pushing itself forward reaching for the sun reminded her of me pushing myself forward in my field of work, to ensure that my voice was heard, to ensure I could make a change, a contribution.

I was really humbled and flattered by her comments, and over the last few days I have been thinking more and more about that buttercup. I am the sort of person who regardless of what I am doing, will put myself forward for things. I am an ‘above and beyond’ sort of person, always have been. I even try not to be but it doesn’t work and I still end up doing more and more all of the time.

You get these sorts of people in all organisations, the ones who seem to get involved in everything, who constantly seemed to be taking part or even the lead in projects and events. In education they are often the ones tweeting teachery stuff at midnight and waking up at 4am to record a brilliant lesson idea on Evernote. Or is that just me?!

I now think of these people as buttercups, the ones who put themselves out there to explore, innovate, discover, collaborate and create. The change embracers and drivers of improvement. I’d like to think of myself as being one of these buttercups for all of the right reasons, to support learners to be as successful as possible and to encourage staff to join me in being a buttercup, to push themselves forward to find new and exciting ways of working. Personally, I wish there were more buttercups, I’d like FE to be a big field of lovely yellowness, where hundreds of buttercups are all working together in collaboration to create a better landscape for our learners.

We know that from acorns mighty oaks grow, here’s hoping that the same can be said for buttercups and #futureprincipals.