Personal Literacy by Steven Keevil @DrKeevil

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 18.49.52 In which Steven, for no apparent reason, wants to talk about CV writing and continues to forget that the blog is about MKC, or teaching and continues to talk about himself.

It’s a metaphor!


I mean an allegory.

(Do you even know what you mean? Editor)

The CV, a document so apparently important, there isn’t a definite answer on how they should look/read. And yet lots of guidance on how they definitely shouldn’t.

Writing a CV is an esoteric experience; discussions over fonts, spacing and paper seem to take up more time than the discussions over the content. And what discussions they are… 1 page or 2? …to profile or not to profile? …how much education to mention and how far back to go?

‘What does your CV say about you?’ …would seem an obvious question.

But what does your CV say about you?

Are you creative, formal, conformist, succinct?

How honest are you?

Does your CV have power?

Is that enough questions?

Is that? (Stop. Editor)

Does it matter?

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At one particular complicated crossroads moment in my life I had five CVs, depending on which job/career I was pursuing.

What purpose -- if any -- would a CV serve in your life?

The reason this is on my mind is because I’ve spent a considerable amount of time recently updating and rewriting my CV.

(Which should interestingly highlight whether your boss reads this blog, by them tracking you down with a fearful/gleeful [delete as appropriate] look in their eye. Editor)

The reason I did this, rather than because I’m looking for a new job…

(Sorry to worry/disappoint. Editor)

…was because I wanted to identify opportunities to develop, personally and continually.

(They really should develop a term for that. Editor)

The title of this blog, just to take you behind the looking glass for a second, was from putting Curriculum Vitae into a thesaurus. One of the results was Personal Literacy. I loved it. I used literacy, because I remember somebody telling me once that if you called something ‘Studies’, it wasn’t a real course… Social Studies, Media Studies. Of course we now call Social Studies, Sociology. But that just reminds me of the BT Ad.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I then discovered there were actually some courses running in Personal Literacy, but that’s not important right now.

How often do you update your CV?

Have you ever?

I find it a great opportunity to look at myself.

(Shocked that you would be so narcissistic. Editor)

In doing so you can look at your achievements over the last six months, or reflect on any lack of achievements and set personal goals.

Which is what I did…

And it sent me on a journey from the Inspiration Station to Burnt Oak Primary.

To be continued Next Time…