#ukfechat Shall we?

Hello #ukfechat folks. So.... During our regular Thursday evening #ukfechat we strayed a bit off topic and started to discuss how great it would be to meet in that other place that apparently exists away from a computer screen, in the outside people world.

First came the 'let's all  meet', which naturally progressed to 'let's all meet in a pub' then 'let's all meet in a hotel'.

I asked if I should put something on this very site what you is right now reading at, so we could discuss the idea in more than 140 characters.... So here we are.

Here's what I think we should decide at the first stages... And I'd be happy to put any or all of them up for vote.

  1. What our gathering is called? 
  2. What sort of thing do we want it to be?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5.  How we let other FE people know about it?

I'm sure I've missed a load of important stuff out, so please forgive me. This is just a calling for the first brain-quake of ideas from you lovely people of the UK who are interested in FE and fancy a CHAT.

What do you think? Go on... Post a comment.