Fab tips from Paul Dix : "Put your phones away!"

Pivotal Education Tip 39 for FE


"Put your phone away!"

We often get asked for tips to get students to put away their mobile phones.  So we have compiled a list of ideas to help you combat this most testing and persistent of classroom problems.
  • Socks for each student to put their phone in at the beginning of the session, locked away until the end.
  • Students hand in their phone batteries at the beginning of the session.
  • Students write their own 'phone agreement' with you so that everyone has a voice in what happens and why.
  • Agree the rule 'phone on silence and in bags'.
  • Have a 1 minute agreed 'phone check' in the middle of lessons to alleviate phone addiction.
  • Model putting your own phone away and have a routine where they do the same.
  • Have a place in the room to leave all bags and coats and phones.
  • Have a mechanism for any student who needs to be contacted in an emergency and explain this to the students.
  • Reward and reinforce serial offenders when they manage to go a full hour without looking at their phone - use positive peer influence to encourage them.
  • Use phones as part of learning at specific times to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate use of phones.
  • Have a 'phone box' rather than a 'swear box' where students are fined 50p if their phone goes off in the lesson (money to charity).
  • Get a fake phone and agree a scene in the middle of a lesson with a student where you lose your temper, smash it and jump up and down on it.
 Also have a look at this tip on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onLmrWD1sfo
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