Improving Staff Morale by William Jenkins

This week educators will be discussing the issue of improving staff morale in Further Education…A very important issue but no easy task!!

With so many stakeholders with different agendas, needs & perspectives it can feel as if we’re being torn in all different directions.

There may be a tendency to blame SMT or others within the college but they may be limited in influencing some stakerholders or the decisions that are made to the detriment to students & staff.

So when assessing any improvements to staff morale it’s perhaps important to first discuss the areas that can and cannot be improved within the 4 walls of the college.

In a busy FE College it may be difficult to find the time to consider the culture we are actively encouraging, thereby allowing a passive culture to develop. But this is something that a number of successful companies work very hard to cultivate.

Before this week's #ukfechat you may want to check out this report (Esp Section 2) – Culture in Further Education.

Posted by William Jenkins